Property Management

The mission of the Carlton County Property Management Department is to provide all citizens and staff with clean and safe buildings and grounds maintained in an intelligent and fiscally responsible manner, such that they are a point of pride within our communities.


Some of the things we do:

  • Clean and maintain all Carlton county owned buildings totaling over 120,000 square feet of floor space, in addition to all of the walls, doors, windows, and fixtures in those spaces. County owned buildings include the Carlton County Historical Society building in Cloquet, dedicated in 1919, and the Carlton County Courthouse, dedicated in 1922.
  • Manage and maintain the grounds around all county owned buildings, as well as any tax forfeit homes in the County’s possession.
  • Manage and maintain the Chub Lake Park, including its beach, dock, and ball fields.
  • Assist the Transportation Department with snow removal around all County buildings in order to ensure that the buildings open to the public safely and on time.
  • Manage an electronic work order program that is intended to provide timely responses with follow-up to all building maintenance needs, as well as provide a tracking mechanism that measures the efficiency with which staff time and resources are used.
  • Aid the County Board and Building Maintenance Committee with the process of planning for the future building needs of the our local county government in a thoughtful and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to maintain the buildings and grounds in a fiscally responsible manner that keeps staff and citizens safe from both natural and man made hazards.
  • Participate in environmentally friendly energy and materials initiatives in order to ensure that services can be provided and business conducted in our county buildings for years to come, and that our county buildings can be passed from one generation to the next with pride.


The work we do each year is done with a staff of 13 full and part time employees, as well as four temporary summer staff, and a net budget of approximately $820K for fiscal year 2016.