County Coordinator's Office

The County Coordinator is an appointed position by the Board of Commissioners. This office is the liaison and designated representative for the County Board to the Department Heads, employees, the media and the public. It is responsible for monitoring and providing enforcement of and compliance with Board resolutions, actions and directives for the Board.


  • Sees that the orders of the Board are faithfully executed. Provides the County Board with pertinent information, in cooperation with the Department Heads, concerning the affairs of the county, its future financial needs, and its offices, departments and agencies
  • Coordinates the development of the annual County budget, in conjunction with the County Board, Department Heads and Finance Committee
  • Works with the County Board and Department Heads to develop and administer all applicable County policies
  • Promotes and coordinates open communication between the County Board and the various operating departments, and promotes inter-departmental cooperation and support
  • Acts as liaison between County and local, regional, State and Federal agencies on intergovernmental problems and activities, as applicable
  • Communicates Board activities to the press and public
  • Represents the County before state Legislature
  • Handles insurance situations
  • Manages Data Practices Compliance
  • Manages special projects