About Us

Carlton County's Economic Development Authority objectives are to:

  • develop, encourage, promote and protect the business interests of the Carlton County area
  • encourage the development of the county's employment and tax base
  • provide centralized services for Local Development Corporations (LDC's), developers, and businesses

Please use this website to review funding mechanisms, building and land opportunities and for updates on EDA initiatives. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact us.  The EDA acts in an advisory capacity only to the County Board of Commissioners.

Our Staff

Mary Finnegan

Mary Finnegan is the Economic Development Director for Carlton County and has more than 25 years of experience in the economic development and finance fields.  Ms. Finnegan received both her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Brenda Nyberg

Brenda Nyberg is the Loan and Grant Administrator for Carlton County's Economic Development Department.  In her position, she manages the department's revolving loan portfolios and special programs, working with businesses to ensure fiscal and reporting responsibilities are met.  She also ensures compliance with local, state, and federal funding source restrictions, policies, and rules.

2022 Carlton County Economic Development Authority Commissioners:

  • Carlton County Commissioner Marv Bodie (through 2022)
  • Carlton County Commissioner Mark Thell (through 2022)
  • Ruth Janke (through 2024)
  • Kevin McGrath (through 2023)
  • Larry Peterson (through 2023)
  • Bernadine Reed (through 2025)
  • Ted Shaw (through 2027)
  • Sharon Zelazny (through 2024)
  • we currently have one vacant position (apply here)