Transportation (Highway) Department


The mission of the Carlton County Transportation Department is to provide and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system to meet the current and future needs of Carlton County residents and system users.


The Department is responsible for:

  • 487 miles of county roads
  • 91 county bridges
  • 393 miles of township roads
  • 43 township bridges
  • Several pedestrian / bicycle routes
  • Two municipal airports

We provide for the efficient planning, design, construction and maintenance of these roads, bridges, trails, and airports and over all management, direction, coordination and budgeting of these modes of transportation. The Department seeks and implements Federal, State and Local funding assistance for eligible projects and pursues cooperative projects with other governmental units.

Partnering with contractors, utility companies, governmental units and other project participants to ensure an efficient construction schedule is a primary goal of the Department.

Highway Department

The Carlton County Highway Department became the ‘Transportation’ Department when the Carlton County airports of Moose Lake and Cloquet and several pedestrian / bicycle trails came under the responsibility of the County Engineer.