Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems

The Zoning and Environmental Services Office administers Carlton County Ordinance #30 - Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems county-wide. 

Compliance inspections are required for subsurface sewage treatment systems at point-of-sale or permit application in shoreland areas.

Permits Required

A permit shall be obtained whenever any Subsurface Sewage Treatment System in Carlton County is installed, replaced, altered, repaired, or extended. Installation, replacement, alteration, repair, or extension of a Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) shall not begin without first making an application for a permit and obtaining said permit from the Department for each specific installation, replacement, alteration, repair, or extension. A permit shall not be required for the work identified under Article 6, Section 2, Subdivision B (Page 18) of Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance #30. Such permits shall expire 12 months after date of issuance.

Permits Not Required

Permits are not required for repair or replacement of pumps, floats or other electrical devices of the pump or baffles in a septic tank.

Subsurface Sewage Treatment Information

Search septic professionals currently licensed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  This site includes contact information for designers, installers and service providers.  A septic contractor must be licensed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to design, install, repair or service a septic system.  The license search can be found here MPCA Licensed Business and Certified Individual Search.

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