Restorative Justice Programs

About Restorative Justice

  • Is a trauma informed response and philosophy of work that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by wrongdoing or crime
  • Promotes healing, accountability, and making amends
  • Focuses on interpersonal relationships, human need, problem-solving, and strengthening the community
  • Encourages active participation of those impacted by a specific offense including victims, community members, concerned parties, and offenders
  • Strives to mend relationships and repair the harm caused to community
  • Changes the focus from blame to change; from punitive to collaboration; to restoration

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Restorative responses offer 

The program offers this approach to youthful offenders so they are better supported to learn from their wrongdoing and make amends without developing  a criminal record.

Restorative Justice allows victims of crime or wrongdoing to decide their level of participation initially and throughout the program.

Community members also play a key role in deciding how youth should be held accountable. 

By bringing together all of these perspectives in determining meaningful accountability, interpersonal and community relationships are mended, enhanced and strengthened.

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