Toes R Us

Carlton County Public Health no longer offers the Toes R Us clinic.

If you are in need of toe nail clipping services, please see the list below for local options. Phone numbers are included for more information and/or scheduling:

- Community Memorial Hospital: Specialty Clinic - 3rd Thursday of the month (218-878-7626)

- Cromwell Medical Clinic - if already established with Dr. Bode (218-644-3811)

- Dr. Meints (St. Luke's) - every 9 weeks for residents of Evergreen Knoll, Diamond Willow & Barnes Care (218-722-0326)

- Gateway Clinic (218-485-4491)

- Kijsa Irwin (Independent): Trim and Chat Foot Care (218-389-9789)

- Mercy Hospital - 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (218-485-4481 or 1-888-322-4471)

- Northern Foot and Ankle at Raiter Clinic - every other Friday (218-655-1583 or 218-879-1271)

- Twin Ports Veterans Clinic Superior - for eligible Veterans (715-398-2400)