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1. What other websites and phone numbers might I find helpful?
2. What is the Soo Line Trail?
3. How long is the Soo Line Trail?
4. What types of vehicles are allowed on the Trail?
5. Can I get an easement from Carlton County to use the Trail for access to my property?
6. When may ATVs be used on the Soo Line Trail?
7. Are there gas stations and restaurants along the trail?
8. Are there rest rooms along the Soo Line Trail?
9. Are out-of-state permits required to ride on the Trail?
10. Are Trail riders required to wear helmets?
11. Is the Trail groomed for snowmobiling?
12. How can I find out about snow conditions for snowmobiling on the Soo Line Trail?
13. How do I access the Trail?
14. Where can I get a map of the Trail?