Driver's License Fees

License Type Fee Amount
Class A, regular $57.00
Class A, under 21 $37.00
Class B, regular or under 21 $49.00
Class C, regular or under 21 $42.00
Class D, regular or under 21 $38.00
Provisional Driver's License$16.25 $24.50
Class D Provisional license upgrade to under 21 DL, on violations on record ($3.50 credit) $34.50
 Class D instruction permit $21.50

Identification Cards

Age/ Condition Fee Amount
 Under 65 $27.50
 Age 65 or older $24.00
 Card for person with physical or developmental disability, or qualified mental illness. $0.50

Duplicate Driver's License or Identification Card

Card Type Fee Amount
Duplicate Drivers License or identification Card for lost or stolen cards, address changes, or name changes $23.00


Type Fee Amount
Class D Instruction Permit $21.50
* Class A, B, or C Instruction Permit $16.50
* Endorsement examination fees $2.50
* One Year Motorcycle instruction (permit/endorsement fee) $29.00
**Motorcycle endorsement renewal (2 wheel only) $17.00
** Standby or Temporary Custodian Designation $4.25
** School Bus processing fee (original and renewal applications) $4.00

Reinstatement Fees

Type Fee Amount
** Revoked License  
Alcohol/drugs and criminal vehicular operation $680
Other offenses ( Including No-fault Insurance Revocation) $30
** Suspended License $20
No-fault Insurance violation (suspended) $20
CDL Disqualification Fee $20

Motorized Bicycle Operator's Permit

Type Fee Amount
* Knowledge test and 30-day instruction Permit $6.75
* Skill test and 1-year operator's permit $6.75
* Duplicate of 1-year operator's permit $3.75
Renewal of 1-year permit to age 21 $17.75
Duplicate of renewal permit $13.25
Renewal, age 21 or older $23.75

Retesting Fees

Retake Attempt Number Fee Amount
* Third and subsequent knowledge/written test (after failing first two) $10
* Third and subsequent road/skill test (after failing first two) $20

* Available at driver exam stations only

**  Fee does not include the cost of new license