Health Care Programs

These programs help eligible families with their health care needs.

Medical Assistance

Due to the Affordable Care Act, many MA applicants should apply online through the MNsure Health Care Exchange. MNsure is a new marketplace where Minnesotans can find, compare, choose, and get quality health care coverage that best fits their needs and budget.

The following MA applicants should not apply through the MNsure Health Care Exchange, but instead complete a paper application which can be dropped off at the county of residence:

  • People applying for long term care services, including nursing home or assisted living services may apply using the MN Health Care Programs Application for Payment of Long Term Care Services (DHS 3531).
  • Women applying for MA for Breast or Cervical Cancer (MA BC) must use the MN Health Care Programs Application for Breast and Cervical Cancer Coverage Group (DHS 3525).
  • People applying for coverage of family planning services and supplies only may continue to apply, using the MN Family Planning Program Application (DHS 4740).
  • Seniors with Medicare coverage do not need to use MNsure. Please complete the MA Application for Certain Populations (DHS 3876). 

If you have questions please call the Senior LinkAge Line at l-800-333-1133.


A state-subsidized health care program for people who live in Minnesota and don’t have health insurance. Like other health insurance plans, MinnesotaCare provides coverage for many medical expenses. Apply through the website.


These programs can help people pay for their Medicare Part A and B premiums, Medicare deductibles, and Medicare co-insurance and co-payments. Please complete the MA Application for Certain Populations (DHS 3876).


This program assists employed persons with disabilities in obtaining affordable Health Care with a monthly premium. To qualify, you must be considered disabled through the Social Security Administration and you must be working at a job in which you earn at least $65.01 per month, and for which you are paying Social Security taxes. Please complete the MA Application for Certain Populations (DHS 3876), or contact a Financial Worker, if you are interested in applying for this program.

Initial MA/EPD premiums must be paid at the county agency prior to approval. Ongoing monthly premiums may be paid online here.

To estimate your monthly premium based on your income, you may use the MA/EPD Premium Calculator tool.

Medical Rides/Reimbursement

Carlton County has contracted with MTM to arrange medical rides and to authorize and reimburse mileage for people who drive themselves to medical appointments. If you are an MA enrollee and can drive yourself to medical appointments, call MTM at 1-844-399-9466 to get prior authorization and a trip log so you can be reimbursed for driving yourself. If you can’t drive yourself to your medical appointment, call your managed care health plan for a ride. If you are not enrolled in managed care, call MTM at 1-844-399-9466 to arrange a ride.

Carlton County Health Care Access Plan

Estate Collections

For information on Estate Collections, click here.

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