Children's Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health Case Management

When children are in need of mental health services, it may be difficult for them and/or their care providers to receive appropriate services to meet multiple needs.

The "Minnesota Comprehensive Children's Mental Health Act" recognizes that children do not always get the services they need. Agencies within Carlton County provide case management services to assist eligible children and their families. Children's Mental Health Case Management services are voluntary, and may be accepted or refused by the parents.

Case Manager

  • The case manager will coordinate a comprehensive mental health assessment
    to determine the child's mental health needs.
  • The case manager will assist the child and the child's family in obtaining
    needed services by coordinating with other agencies and assuring continuity
    of care for the child.
  • It is the responsibility of the case manager together with the family to
    continually assess and reassess the delivery, appropriateness, and
    effectiveness of these services.

All the people involved in the care, counseling, education, and treatment of the child will use a team approach to coordinate services. Parents will be asked to participate in developing a comprehensive plan called an IFCSP (Individual Family Community Support Plan), based on the child's unique needs. These plans will be reviewed with the team on a regular basis to determine if the goals for the child are being met and if other services are needed.


Behaviors which may indicate concern:

  • Acting out behavior
  • Withdrawing
  • Chemical use
  • Eating disorders
  • Other behaviors

A variety of services available through Children’s Mental Health Case Management may be provided based on the individual needs of the child and family.


Available services include:

  • Coordinated Treatment Planning
  • Referral for Diagnostic Assessment/Needs Assessment
  • Referral for Psychological Evaluations
  • Referral for Psychiatric Care/Medication Monitoring
  • School Consultation and Support
  • Assistance in Securing Respite Care Services
  • Referral for Individual or Family Therapy
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Advocacy for Child and Family
  • Financial Assistance Referrals
  • Vocational Assistance
  • Referral to Appropriate Support Groups
  • Coordination of Personal Care Attendant (PCA)
  • Assistance in Development of Independent Skills
  • Transitional and Adult Mental Health Referral and Support Coordination
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