The Carlton County Attorney is the legal advisor for the Carlton County Board of Commissioners, County Officials, and County Departments. This responsibility has taken on greater significance as County government has come under increasing regulations and mandates from other governmental units.

The Carlton County Attorney and her assistants represent the County, its departments, and employees in litigation matters. Attorneys may appear in State District Court, Worker’s Compensation Court, Tax Court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The County Attorney is responsible for creation of countywide ordinances and holds public meetings regarding these ordinances prior to completion and County Board approval.

The County Attorney’s Office starts legal proceedings to protect the health and safety of vulnerable adults within the County when they are in need of assistance. The County Attorney represents the Carlton County Department of Human Services in filing involuntary commitment actions to provide necessary treatment for individuals who are mentally ill, chemically dependent, or have developmental disabilities.

When a family is receiving public assistance, the County Attorney represents the Carlton County Child Support Agency to bring actions to obtain or enforce child support obligations, or to establish the paternity of a child in order to obtain reimbursement for assistance and other costs to the taxpayers. Parents not receiving federal or state monetary assistance may also apply for and receive these child support enforcement or paternity establishment services by the County Attorney at minimal cost.

The County Attorney's Office is not authorized to provide legal advice to private citizens.  The County Attorney’s Office ethically cannot speak to a party who is represented by an attorney.

Civil FAQs