Utility Permit-Please allow 3 business days for permit review and approval.

A Utility Permit, Special Use Permit (race or parade) and Permit to work within County Road Right-of-Way is available at our online permitting site.

Minnesota Statutes authorize the road authority to regulate by permit any activity occurring within the public road right-of-way. This includes installation and maintenance of public utility facilities and activities by public agencies and private companies and individuals.

Placement of hazards within the highway right-of-way constitutes unauthorized work within the right-of-way and is a misdemeanor according to Minnesota Statutes 160.27. Work not conforming or permitted should be reported to the Engineer's office for appropriate action.

Private Individuals

For private individuals requesting to work within Carlton County road right-of-way, a $1,000 deposit or bond is required. The deposit check will be cashed.

Public Companies

Public utility companies, public agencies and private companies are required to provide proof of liability insurance and also a deposit or payment bond.


You are required by Minnesota Statute 216D to contact Gopher State One-Call for any work involving excavation.

White paint, ribbon or lath must be used to mark the proposed work location within the right-of-way. The Department will review your site for maintenance, engineering or right-of-way conflicts and to determine if any special restrictions, guidelines or traffic controls are required.

Notify the Engineer’s office at least one business day before the work is to begin at 218-384-9150. Notify the Engineer’s office when the work is completed. If there are problems with the work, you will be notified in writing what corrective action needs to be taken. Notify the Engineer’s office when the corrections have been made so another inspection can be made.


In accordance with the Special Provisions of the permit, the permit holder is responsible for settlement in any excavation for a period of two years after the work is completed. If the work is accepted after that time period, your deposit will be refunded or the bond may be canceled. If no effort is made to correct the deficiencies noted, the Department will make the corrections and the deposit / bond will not be refunded.

If above ground work is constructed in accordance with the requirements on the permit, the deposit or bond will be refunded after final inspection and acceptance by the County Engineer or his/her representative.