Inmates will be permitted to correspond with family, friends, officials, and other significant community contacts with minimal interference, consistent with the legitimate security needs of the jail, and consistent with established legal rights of the inmates.

Correspondence Polices

  1. Inmates are allowed to write letters; however, they must have sufficient money to purchase stamped envelopes. If there is no money in their account, a few free post cards will be offered weekly.
  2. Only letters, cards, and packages which have been postmarked and delivered by the Post Office in the usual manner can be accepted by the jail for inmates.
  3. Cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks will be received and placed in the inmates’ account for canteen or release. You may electronically deposit money onto an inmate’s account. You can only electronically deposit $300, every week onto an inmate’s account.
  4. Do not mail personal property to an inmate. Any items of a personal nature will be placed in the inmate’s property bin until release. They are not allowed any personal items in their cell block.
  5. Mail is inspected for contraband, physical and written. There should be no stickers on the envelope or they will not be allowed. No offensive gang graffiti or symbols on the mail, including the envelope. For more information, view Inmate Mail Information (PDF).
  6. Our Mailing address is:
    Inmate’s name
    Carlton County Jail
    P.O. Box 530
    Carlton, MN 55718