Telephone Access

The jail will permit inmates access to the telephone to maintain essential community and legal contacts.

Telephone Policies

  • Immediately following booking, inmates are permitted one free phone call.
  • In an emergency situation, the Correctional Officer will take the name and phone number and allow a return call.
  • The phones within the cells are designed to call a “service center” through Reliance. Inmates can leave a message with the service center to call family and friends. The service center will reach out to you and ask you to set up an account with Reliance.
  • Inmates are advised that improper use of the phone such as making threats, obscene language, etc. may result in loss of phone privileges and criminal prosecution. Civilians may request to have their phone numbers blocked.
  • Family and friends can call Reliance at 800-896-3201 to set up an account or to make payments. You can also make payments or purchase online phone cards through Reliance Telephone. Inmates are also able to purchase phone cards on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Family and friends can also call 218-384-1540 to leave a voice message for inmates.
  • Carlton County Jail also offers inmate texting. See Inmate handbook (PDF) for more information.

Reliance Instruction Card

Reliance Inmate Tablet Phone Brochure