Appealing Your Value or Classification

Steps to Appeal
If I have a dispute with the assessor’s value:
  • Collect facts to show why your market value is wrong, (recent appraisal).
  • Contact the assessor’s office and ask for a review / inspection of your property.
Then, if still not resolved:
  • Attend the Open Book meeting or Local Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting listed on your Valuation Notice.
  • From the Open Book meeting and the Local Board meeting you can appeal further at the County Board of Appeal & Equalization.

Click here for list of Board of Appeal and Equalization meetings.

Please note - per MN Statute 274.01 Subd. 1(b) -  "The board may not make an individual market value adjustment or classification change that would benefit the property if the owner or other person having control over the property has refused the assessor access to inspect the property and the interior of any buildings or structures as provided in section 273.20"  

If you are planning on appealing to the Local or County Board, please try to make an appointment with the Assessor’s Office before the meeting by calling 218-384-9149.

Finally, if your concern is still not resolved:
  • You may petition the Minnesota Tax Court
  • Tax Petitions may be filed after you receive your valuation notice and before April 30 of the year the taxes are payable.

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