Special Programs

Below are some Property Tax Relief programs available in the state of Minnesota.  Additional programs and applications are available in the Assessor's Office. Please stop in or call for more information.  

Agriculture Homestead 

In order to receive Agricultural Classification your property must be devoted primarily to an Agricultural Use.  This means the property must be a minimum of 11 acres in size and of those 11 acres a minimum of 10 acres must be in production and there must be a qualifying product for sale.   If you feel you meet these basic requirements, please fill out the application below to the best of your abilities and return it to our office for one of our appraisers to review.  Once your application and property record has been reviewed you will be contacted to finish the verification process.  After that, a final determination on whether the property can legally be classified as Agricultural Homestead will be made.

Agriculture Classification Information (PDF)

Agriculture Classification Application (PDF)

Please contact our office regarding any other Special Agriculture programs, 218-384-9142.

2C Managed Forest

This property classification, enacted in 2008, provides a reduced class rate of 0.65 percent to forested property that is subject to a current forest management (stewardship) plan and that meets other requirements. There is no minimum term of enrollment; property will receive the reduced class rate as long as it is enrolled and continues to meet the necessary requirements.  Please see the below fact sheet for more information.

2C Managed Forest Additional Information

2C Managed Forest Application (PDF)

Approved Foresters

Green Acres 

The Green Acres Program provides property tax relief for owners of agricultural property in areas where the market value of land is affected by development pressure, sales of recreational land, or other nonagricultural factors.

Green Acres Additional Information

Green Acres Application (PDF)

Green Acres Addendum Form (PDF)

Sustainable Forest Incentive Act

The Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) is a state run program.  Please follow the link below for more information. 

Sustainable Forest Incentive Act Information

Disability Homestead

Homestead property owners who are legally blind or permanently and totally disabled may be eligible for a reduced tax rate on a portion of the value of their property. 

Disability Homestead Additional Information

Disability Homestead Application (PDF)

Disabled Veterans Homestead

This program provides a property tax exclusion for the homestead of:

1. An honorably discharged veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70% or higher

2. Surviving spouses of certain qualifying veterans and service members

3. Primary family caregivers of qualifying veterans

Exclusion for Veterans with a Disability Additional Information

Disabled Veteran Homestead Application

Homestead Exclusion for a Primary Family Caregiver Application

Homestead Exclusion for a surviving spouse - Application



Due to 2017 legislative changes, reapplying for the 70% -100% Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Exclusion is no longer required. There will be no letters sent asking the Disabled Veteran for an updated application and disability letter, all of this will be handled between the County Assessor’s Office and the County Veteran’s Office. If there is a change in your status you will receive a letter from the Assessor’s Office letting you know that your homestead exclusion has changed. This change applies to those currently receiving the 70% - 100% Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Property Exclusion. If you feel you qualify for this exclusion and are not receiving it contact the Assessor’s Office or their website, to fill out an application. If you are unsure if you are receiving this benefit or have any other questions feel free to contact the Assessor’s Office at 218-384-9142.

*****If your disability changes to 100% total and permanent or if you are deemed to be 100% individually unemployable a new initial application is required****