Civil Process Information

In accordance with Minnesota State Statutes, fees charged by the Sheriff's Office for different types of civil process functions are established by the Carlton County Board of Commissioners with advice and consultation of the Sheriff. Fees are reviewed by the Sheriff's Office periodically to remain consistent with other counties of approximately the same size.

Civil Process Fees

Fee Effective January 1, 2015

Service - Civil Process
Service- Not Found-Civil
Legal Not Found
Real Estate Sales
Redemption Fee - Owner
Redemption Fee - Other party
Posting (three Notices)
Levy Fee
Execution Commission
Deputy Time

 *Note: This is the rate for Deputy time involving civil process only. Extra patrol requests are billed according to the actual costs for the specific Deputy working the extra patrol shift.

The party requesting service is to provide the Sheriff’s Office with a copy for each party to be served. Once service is affected, the Certificate of Service or Non-Service will be returned to the originating party upon payment. 


A deposit is not required, however, if payment accompanies the papers for service, it will expedite the return of the paperwork. Checks can be made payable to the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office.

Writ of Execution

Download a copy of the Writ of Execution: Letter of Instruction (PDF).