Current Initiatives

Carlton County Justice Partners Council

The mission of the Council is to enhance public safety in Carlton County through community collaboration by ensuring offender accountability, providing rehabilitation programs and supporting the rights and needs of victims.

Carlton County Drug Prevention Coalition

The purpose of the coalition is to bringing awareness of substance abuse issues through education, prevention, enforcement, intervention and treatment to build a healthy and safe community.

WIC Release Project

The reason behind this partnership is to address the challenge and opportunity of “Kindergarten surprises” –the numerous children who show up for Kindergarten who aren’t on the district census, haven’t been screened or offered other enrichment opportunities, simply because the district did not know they were in the community. 

Children living in poverty are more likely to move frequently, not be on school district census rolls, and are less likely to be ready for school. However, WIC services can follow a family wherever they may live, and many families find and stay connected to WIC as a fundamental service even when they move. 

Through this collaboration, school districts receive contact information for families residing in their district, sent with consent by WIC. Then, school district staff is able make a personal connection with each family and continue to follow up with information on early childhood services and screening.