Abstract Department Recording Fees

 Recording of Document(s)  $46.00
 Multiple Satisfactions/Assignments  $46 first 4 document citations or less $10.00 each additional document cited over 4
 Well Disclosure Certificates   $50.00
 Plat  $56.00
Amended Floor Plan (515) Condominium (515A) CIC Plat or amend (515B)  50 cents per apartment or unit with a $56.00 minimum

Copies & Searches

Non-Certified Copy
(This includes Copy/Image/Microfilm)
$3.00 minimum per document up to three pages $1.00 per page thereafter
Certified Copies
(No page limitation)
$10.00 per document (flat fee)
Fax copies $2.00 local - $5.00 long distance and copy fee
Copy of an official plat  (non-certified) $10.00
(certified) $15.00
Copy of: Floor Plan (515) Condominium (515A) CIC Plat (515B) $1.00 per page with a $10.00 minimum
Duplicate Copy
(Must provide two original documents at time of recording)