Torrens Department Recording Fees

Original Certificate of Title OR First CPT $46.00 
Document Transferring Certificate

Each Certificate thereafter - $40.00


Each Certificate thereafter (Lots must be given individual Certificates upon registration of Plat) - $40.00
Entry of Memorial Per Certificate  $46.00
$20.00 for multiple Certificate entries, thereafter

CECT $40.00
Residue Certificate OR new additional Certificate $40.00
Exchange Certificate $20.00 for each canceled Certificate
$20.00 for each new Certificate
Amendment to Declaration $46.00
$20.00 for multiple Certificate entries, thereafter
Amended Floor Plan $56.00
Amendment to CIC declaration and plat $46.00
$20.00 for multiple Certificate entries, thereafter
Condominium or CIC plat or amendment
Section 515B CIC affecting 2 or more units
$46.00 for first ten affected Certificates
$10.00 for each additional affected Certificate(s)
Certified copy of a plat of SURVEY $46.00
Registered Land Survey $56.00
Certified copy of Registered Land Survey $15.00

Condition of Register (Certified)

Non-Certified Copy of Certificate of Title
$3.00 minimum per document up to three pages
$1.00 per page thereafter