Business Recycling in Carlton County

Business recyclables are not accepted at the County Recycling Centers or the Transfer Station Recycling Center.  These locations are for household recyclables only. 

This includes cardboard recycling. Cardboard containers at the Transfer Station and Staffed Recycling Center are not for business use.

Businesses and institutions needs to acquire their own solid waste and recycling services. Contact a local solid waste and recycling company.

Businesses and institutions in Minnesota are required to recycle per MN state statute and Carlton County Ordinance #17.


(a) A public entity, the owner of a sports facility, and an owner of a commercial building shall:

(1) ensure that facilities under its control, from which mixed municipal solid waste is collected, also collect at least three recyclable materials, such as, but not limited to, paper, glass, plastic, and metal; and

(2) transfer all recyclable materials collected to a recycler.

Carlton County Solid Waste Ordinance 

Section IV, Subdivision 2, Disposal of Recyclable Materials

  • Commencing January 1, 1992, every person or entity disposing of Solid Waste in Carlton County shall separate recyclable material from Solid Waste.