Forest Roads

Carlton County intends to provide access to County managed lands appropriately to protect, manage and utilize forest resources for all programs and multiple uses and to minimize conflicts arising from the multiple use of forest roads.


Carlton County has an inventory of 32 forest roads, totaling almost 90 miles and accessing most portions of its land base. Included in this total are 44 miles of the Soo Line Trail, a 14.5 mile segment from the Aitkin County Line to Moose Lake, and a 29.5 mile segment east to the WI border. These roads are essential to accessing the timber resource, providing fire protection, and permitting recreational uses. With the adoption of Best Management Practices, the County is integrating concerns of erosion and water quality in with the need to establish and maintain roads for management purposes.

Protecting the Roads

Finally, the Department currently recognizes the need to protect the investment made in a road. A set of policies define when gating and other means are to be taken to prevent the inappropriate use of selected roads. The policies will not apply to traditionally open roads except when conditions warrant road protection.

Soo Line Trail-2680