Scientific, Cultural and Educational Resources

Carlton County desires to protect and preserve all features on its lands that have significant scientific, cultural or education values. These may include significant archeological and historical sites involving Native American and white cultures; endangered, threatened, or special interest plant and animal species or ecosystems. In such cases cooperation with the DNR in designing and implementing an appropriate management program is established. Cooperation with the University of Minnesota Forestry Center, Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College, Jay Cooke and Moose Lake State Parks, local schools and forest industry is provided regarding identification of sites suitable for educating people about forests and the environment.


Arbor Day

Once a year the Land Department hosts an Arbor day educational event in coordination with Carlton County Extension and the SWCD Offices. Students from local elementary schools come to plant seedling trees and learn about silviculture practices. A area of deforested county land is chosen for planting a future forest with robust native species. The hope is to foster the next generation of environmental stewards. Arbor Day has been happening for almost 30 years! 


Arbor Day-2822

A genetically improved white spruce seedling planted by students on county managed land

Conservation Education Days

The Land Department has participated in a series of annual conservation based field days hosted and coordinated by the Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC). Carlton County students spend the day between stations learning about forestry, wildlife, aquatic invertebrates, food chains, and invasive species to name a few. Presenters usually include the CFC, Land Department, Minnesota DNR, Fon du lac Tribal and Community College, Jay Cooke State Park, Master Naturalists, SAPPI paper mill, and more.


Coyote 09180079

Students found a coyote on the remote camera station at the Cloquet Forestry Center

Technical Assistance and Training

Carlton County desires to promote a greater sense of stewardship among the general public towards the natural resources within the county. This is done by sustaining on-going dialogue with public and private parties directly involved in forest land management in Carlton County.

The Land Department’s Involvement and membership with the Carlton County Private Woodland Council, University of Minnesota Forestry Center, Minnesota Logger Education Program, and other local and state organizations to sponsor and otherwise participate in events and activities designed to educate all levels of the general public about land management, the environment, and economic resources, along with brochures, meetings, presentations, assisting private landowners to participate in Private Forest Management programs offered by the DNR, forest industry, and independent forest consultants, are all ways in which the Land Department try to promote a stewardship towards its natural resources.