Timber Resources

Carlton County seeks to produce and make available a viable mix of merchantable timber species at sustainable levels within limits set by sound Silvicultural and Ecological practices.

Timber Auction

Aspen is the County’s most sought-after timber resource. Timber is sold at auction sales twice yearly, usually in the spring and late fall. In addition, the County offers Section 1, or “over-the-counter,” sales on tracts with appraised volume not exceeding 500 cords. Any sale with a volume over 500 must be sold by auction according to state law. In accordance with Forest Certification standards, only those on the County’s Responsible Operator’s List may bid on auction sales or purchase over-the counter sales. Anyone wishing to be placed on the Responsible Operator’s List (PDF) must complete a Contractor Application Form (PDF) and send it to the Land Department for review.

Habitat Management

Management does not occur only through timber sales. The Department has a variety of projects, many in close cooperation with DNR Wildlife, to winter shear substandard stands to spur regeneration and provide wildlife habitat. Other projects involve site preparation, tree planting, bud capping, crop release, clearing for wildlife projects, allowing for succession and protecting soils. For more information on wildlife and habitat go to our wildlife management projects page. 

Northern Hardwoods carlton county-1119

Northern Hardwood stand in Carlton County

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