Mission: Affecting Lives by Reducing Crime (A.R.C.)

A.R.C. Affects:

  • Offenders through case planning, programming, treatment, supervision, and sanctions which are provided in a fair, respectful and responsive manner.
Probation ARC
  • Victims by assisting and supporting them within the criminal justice system.
  • Communities by enhancing public safety, sharing knowledge, repairing harm, promoting positive social change and by collaborating with other community / cultural resources to achieve mutual goals.

A.R.C. Believes:

  • In being responsive to individual needs such as gender, culture, and criminogenic factors
  • Services are most effective when they address responsivity to the risks and needs of the individual and are provided at the community level
  • People can change and that pro-social change should be promoted whenever possible
  • In being accountable and is committed to using evidence based research in measuring outcomes for the organization and clients
  • In operating in a transparent manner within the community using all resources wisely